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Wall tapestries, affordable wall hanging decor

April 19th, 2019

Wall tapestry of Spain showcasing the Roman Bridge
Wall tapestries for your rooms by Eduardo Accorinti
Link: https://fineartphotographyprints.online/collections/all+my+images/tapestries

I'm glad to announce that my images are now available as wall tapestries for your home or office decoration! These tapestries are a unique and beautiful way to give your walls a touch of magic. And a huge plus: they are also very inexpensive, even in big sizes.

If you were wondering where to buy tapestries or weren´t sure about what to buy as affordable wall decor, then you can now stop searching. In my collection of tapestry wall hangings for sale you will find them in small, medium and large size.

These lightweigth microfiber tapestries showcase beautiful photography from different travel destinations around the world and, as all my other products, they are customizable. You can change the size and position of the images on them to suit your interior decoration needs, and you can change their background color too, when applicable. However, in most cases you´ll want the photo to cover the entire tapestry, so you won´t need to pick any color for the background.

Why hanging a tapestry in your interior spaces?

Why not? Tapestries are great wall accessories because they are a very affordable (I would even say cheap!) solution to those who want to bring style and ambience to any space without spending all their money, while still preserving the high quality of the original picture. You could even purchase an extra large tapestry and have a sublime landscape or a medieval cityscape right in your living room or bedroom. You would then be standing before a stunning scene, fully immersing yourself inside an amazing destination, without having spent too much money. That´s why I love wall tapestries. If you´re wondering how to hang them, each one has hemmed edges so you can hang them with nails or thumbtacks.

What room are these tapestries for?

They will suit absolutely any room. No matter the interior space, you will find an image for it in my collection.

What kinds of tapestries do I offer?

The images in my growing collection feature beautiful scenes from around the world:

Tapestries with landscapes

Wall tapestry of landscape in the Argentine PatagoniaWall tapestry of landscape in Spain
Take beautiful landscapes with mountains, lakes, trees and incredible skies to your house and bring your wall decor to another level of magic.

Tapestries showcasing cities and architecture

Wall tapestry of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence
Browse my collections and you will find tapestries featuring Italian cities such as the romantic Venice, the medieval Florence and architecture of cities like Rome. Other destinations include places of Argentina and Spain.

Colorful tapestries to match your rooms´ walls

Wall tapestry of yellow house in alley of Burano
Find decorative tapestries with the most colorful scenes in my collections: See for example this beautiful wall blanket with one of my best images of Burano in which you can see a picturesque yellow house in an Italian alleyway. You will find scenes with lots of different colors. Blue skies, pink buildings, green trees and landscapes and red sunsets are just a few examples of what you can have on your tapestry.

Black and white photography for your tapestries

Black and white landscape of Argentina on wall tapestryBlack and white landscape of Argentina on wall tapestry
On the other hand, you have my collection of black and white photos at your disposal. Pick your favorite, get it printed onto a tapestry and you have a big dramatic image for your home or office decoration!

Are the tapestries washable?

They are. To clean, just machine wash cold and tumble dry.

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Do you like this new addition? Please leave your comments below.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day,

Venice prints on canvas

April 18th, 2019

Venice prints on canvas

Who wouldn´t love having a large Venice print in the bedroom right above the bed, or hanging in the living room? My goal with this collection is to take the magic of this city to your walls. It is a compendium of picturesque architecture, old streets full of memories, beautiful seascapes and cityscapes, and the Romance of this city that you will have in your rooms, decorating your home or office interiors. These images are also perfect for a hotel reception or to decorate the walls of a restaurant. The Vintage buildings of this Italian city will enhance the mood of your rooms.

They are beautiful as framed prints, as prints on metal, acrylic, wood, or as wall tapestries too, but today I invite you to take a look at my collection of Venice prints on canvas and give your interior decor a touch of Venetian romance. These photos are available as wall art for your house or business space. Enjoy a high quality online printing service and order your prints right from your home. You will find pictures of the main attractions and landmarks such as the Rialto Bridge, the Grand Canal, the San Giorgio di Maggiore Church, Santa Maria della Salute Basilica and more.. but Venice is not only about known historical buildings. It´s about its streets, the nostalgic alleys that surround the city, the memories that are hidden in every corner and the mystery in the air.

Images of the Venetian canals are also available in my collection, which is a growing one, by the way. You will find more photographs in the future, since I have many sitting in my computer´s HD. I want to properly prepare them to be printed, and I didn´t have the time yet. But I will bring them to you in no time.

Want to decorate small rooms? Customize the size to suit your needs

You are a Venice or travel lover and want one of these canvases, but your living room or bedroom isn´t big enough for a big print? No need to worry: Remember that you can always customize your order to perfectly suit your needs. If you want an artwork for small rooms, just pick the right size and you´re good to go. It´s that simple. My sizes start from as small as 8.000" x 5.375", so you won´t have any troubles. Give yourself some time to play with the many customization options available and you will get a custom, unique ready to hang stretched canvas print of one of the most romantic cities in the world.

My Fine Art gallery online

Visit my website to buy Fine Art photography prints of other beautiful destinations around the world. All the images in my galleries are available for your walls and to be printed onto beautiful stationery and gift items as well, such as coffee mugs, spiral notebooks, shower curtains, yoga mats and many more.

Landscape print showcasing patagonian raspberry farmlands in Argentina

April 17th, 2019

Landscape print showcasing patagonian raspberry farmlands in Argentina

Landscape print - Patagonian Farmlands by Eduardo Accorinti

I love landscapes. They're not something I can have in front of my camera everyday. As you can see on my images, I have mostly visited urban places until now, which I love too of course. But with landscapes, it's different. For some reason, despite them being beautiful and magical by themselves, they make me relive good moments of my life, moments that have nothing to do with landscapes, so they are kind of nostalgic for me. They also tell me about hope and happiness, drama and dreams. I guess it must be a conjunction of many things that come into play. Every single element in a landscape plays its role here. The elements, the colors, the sky, they shape the mood that will lead our souls to the final feelings.

This is an image taken in El Bolsón, a Picturesque city in the province of Río Negro, Argentina. It's part of the region called patagonia, which is a land of beautiful landscapes, mainly green, with mountains, lakes, forests and rivers.

A city that is often visited by tourists is San Carlos de Bariloche (most known as simply Bariloche), from where they head to other beautiful nearby places through daily excursions / trips.

El Bolsón is one of those places. It is a small city surrounded by mountains. There you can visit the local fairs and church, as well as the Farmlands you see in this image, which are a bit away from the city (just a bit) and are part of a jam factory that is right next to them. The factory is usually visited by tourists, who can take free samples of LOTS of different jams and buy the ones they like. If they want, of course!

There is also a beer factory a couple of meters away from there that you can visit and where you´ll get some background on the factory's history.

You can see the sign with the word "frambuesa" in this image, which is the Spanish word for raspberry. The lines of the Farmlands lead us to the majestic landscape in the distance. A beautiful sky accompanies the scene.

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Visit my collection of images of the Argentine patagonia to discover more scenes of this beautiful place. All the photos are available for sale as prints on canvas, acrylic, metal, wood, wall tapestries and many home decoration and gift items. You can get your urban scenes or buy a landscape print or poster online at any time from the comfort of your home: https://fineartphotographyprints.online/collections/argentine+patagonia

I invite you to decorate your room with one of my pictures. If you don´t know where to start, you can take a look at my landscape prints on canvas, or find more wall art photos and home decor items by visiting my other collections.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day,

Amazing skies reunited in one collection

April 17th, 2019

Amazing skies reunited in one collection

Amazing Skies collection by Eduardo J. Accorinti

If you took a look at my images, you probably noticed that I usually try to incorporate skies in them as much as I can. My photography relies a lot on skies, and that is mainly because they are part of me, of what I am.

Skies tell me about so many things. There is just one sky, but at the same time so many different ones. They tell me about drama, magic, happiness, hope and dreams, to say just a couple of things. They are able to boost the good feelings and emotions of a particular moment.

When I'm in front of an amazing sky, I feel like I want to touch the clouds, to become one with them and watch everything from above.

Plus I have something else with the skies, specially with the ones that are part of a landscape scene. Landscapes and gorgeous skies together bring memories of past moments back to my mind. Memories that have nothing to do with the landscapes themselves except for one thing: they are magical in some way. So skies are also nostalgic for me. And as I said, they make me think about hope too. I feel so good when I´m in front of such scenes, that I can´t avoid to relive moments in which I felt that good, or to think about a future that can make me feel that way too.

So we could say everything revolves around an element: magic. The magic of the places we visit, the moments we live, the people we meet. All that magic is connected.

These are some of the reasons why skies are so important for my photography. Hopefully what you just read makes any sense and you can relate with it to some extent.

For the same reasons, I created this collection, which includes all of my images showcasing amazing skies, no matter the location, no matter the situation. I thought it was a good idea since skies are that meaningful for me. Feel free to take a look at them! And remember that they are available as prints to bring some magic to your rooms.

I hope you enjoyed this entry! Don´t forget to leave your comments below, I would like to know your opinions and thoughts. Do you love the sky too? How does it make you feel? What does it mean for you, and if you´re an artist, for your artworks? Whether you want to answer one of these questions or tell me anything else, whatever it is, I´m looking forward to reading your comments.

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Thank you for reading!

Have a great day,

Buy personalized coffee mugs online

April 17th, 2019

Buy personalized coffee mugs online

Do you have a friend or there is someone in your family who is passionate about travel and amazing destinations of the world? Then I have good news for you, but wait a second.. Is that same person a coffee lover? If the answer is yes, then I have wonderful news! Or should I say high quality coffee mugs for sale! See, the images from my collection of Fine Art travel photography are available to be printed onto these cool, dishwasher safe ceramic mugs, so yes, maybe it won´t be the same as drinking coffee in front of the Grand Canal in Venice or while you contemplate a Tuscan landscape in Florence, but one thing is sure: That beloved one of yours will have a unique mug with a magical scene printed on it. Or maybe you just want one for yourself! In any case, I´m sure you´ll fall in love with them. Right now, while writing this, I have 239 mugs available for you, featuring urban and natural scenes and landscapes, architecture and scenes of Venice, Florence, Rome, Spain and Argentina. This is a growing collection, so I will be adding more regularly.

Make your own custom travel mug

Even when you are limited to the images I provide you, you can change the size and position of the image on it and see the changes on the goo, as well as get a 3D view of the mug before buying. Choose your favorite photograph, adjust its size and position or leave it as it is, choose between a small size of 11 oz or a large one of 15 oz and you´re good to go. Depending on the image, you might be able to pick your preferred background color for your mug too, to address the area that is not reached by the image, or you can just leave it white. Up to you!

Shop for your mugs from the comfort of your home...

... or office, but hey, careful with your boss. If he catches you shopping while you´re in the office, chances are you´ll have to purchase one for him or her too.. Hopefully we´re talking about a travel lover! Anyway, you will be taking advantage of an online printing service and thus no matter where you shop from, you will receive your order right at your home.. or office. The service includes worldwide shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. Give it a try! You won´t regret it. This is an awesome gift for anyone, or almost anyone.

And remember, even if they are coffee mugs, I suppose no one is going to die if you use them to drink tea, or whatever you want to drink.. Just a guess though! You can buy your coffee mugs online at my store. I hope you love them!